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строителство на къщиподаръциОткъде да купя иконаDetroit Brothers Custom Cycles is moving its shop to Ventura California. Online orders/sales are still available and will not be interrupted during the move. Please be patient during this transitional period. We may still keep a small service dept. open in Detroit, but its location has not been finalized.

Thank you for being you!

Fab Kevin’s new FXR

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ikoniиконипочистванемебели от чамGuess who just joined the FXR club? Mr fabrication / slicked back hair himself – Fab Kevin

He picked this thing up for less than a song and dance. He was bummed he couldnt get the high mileage dog I got but, he is happy none the less. It has 11k on the clock and looks like new. He said he cant wait to double the mileage once there are clear roads. I am right there with you Kev, right there with you.

Congrats Kevin! Welcome to FXR-dom.

Fabricator Kevin FXR

New parts update – Slim Perf Air Cleaner

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So we know it’s been a while. We read all the shitty comments and get all the emails about it.

Totally understood. Bottom line is we are some busy fucks. Between some new builds, and other commitments it leaves little time for bullshitting on this here site.

While we may not be posting doesn’t mean we have been fucking sheep and slapping our wives. Although I have been known to get some strange looks from some of Lama’s around here from time to time, but I digress.

This is the new Slim Perf air cleaner. Super skinny for you drop seat riders. Uses a K&N air filter and 1.75″ deep x 5.75″. It cost $199.99 and you get it here at our store.

Also check back soon as we will be posting some new parts very soon.

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New FXR in the house

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Ok so I just picked it up. Not sure what all I am going to do. Reliability and comfort is #1 at this point. Definitely trying to keep it skinny and fun. Thinking a superglide tank and some apes, slam the shit out of it and call it a summer. Not sure though.

This wiring makes sad.


Snakes and Pussy?

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ъглови легла

Progress is being made. Got the bastard back last night. Not a pretty sight.

On the flip side anyone want to buy a Confederate frame?